Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year Oscoda!

Now, a glitch seems to keep posts from coming up on a set time so Johnny just posted the ones he planned to play early tonight. As tradition insists, and has now for many many years, the final song before midnight is 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones but tonight we have a treat for everyone, a NEW version in much higher definition than the one Johnny has been trotting out for so long.
See you back here for the Late Night thread on  the other side of 2019.

Robert Gordon makes any party better

Especially a New Year's Eve bash. 'Red Hot' is a furniture pusher-backer for sure!

This goes without saying tonight

Talking Heads and 'Stay Up Late'

Dutchie, yeah, we'll say Dutchie, pass the Dutchie

On the left hand side. 'Pass the 'Dutchie' Johnny's ass. It's legal here now, pass what you want and call it what it is.

Musical Youth up next...

New Year's Eve has a theme song (sadly) and it isn't Auld Lang Syne

It's Dave Edmunds "Crawling From the Wreckage' and we sure hope this NYE has none of this sort of thing for our readers.

Do you like DEVO, Joey?

How fortunate for you then! *HeartyEmojiThingHere*

Marvin Gaye sounding good over coffee

Of course Marvin Gaye sounds good over any tasty beverage. Especially if you're Robin Thicke looking for new songs. 'Got to Give it Up' making mornings better...

If this doesn't get you in the mood for tonight, just stay home

The Sweet and 'Ballroom Blitz'

Don't be a goof and start dancing around with your coffee cup held high. Set that shit down first. No need to start the day cleaning coffee off the cat.

Are you ready Steve?

As is tradition at the City Desk, a New Year's Eve Musical Marathon!

Ever since Johnny was running the old Ypsi City Desk , then again at the Jersey City Desk, he held fast to a tradition on New Year's Eve that it was going to be all about the music. Music to get you in a mood, music to perk up your day, music to get you out the door to a party.

That tradition continues in Oscoda!

The Romantics starting NYE 2018 with, 'She's Got Everything'

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Late night open thread

The snow is now up to the 3-6" range and Johnny would not at all be surprised if when we all wake up it's not more than that. Til then...

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

An Oscoda City Desk Action Weather Team update -- 2-4" of snow tomorrow afternoon into NYE

So Bunky, you want to go out tomorrow night and party hearty (or hardly), well the crack team at the Oscoda City Desk Action Weather wants to tell you that starting tomorrow afternoon 2-4" inches of snow will make your New Year's Eve driving hazardous. We're not saying don't go, we're saying make plans.

For snow updates make sure to follow this weather outpost...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Late night open thread

If you're a sports fan, tomorrow is your day. Just turn a teevee on anywhere, any channel and you're good.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Always really nice when Johnny hasn't played a great artist like Peter Gabriel for a while and has a whole catalog to choose from. Something tonight that Johnny just loves, 'Digging in the Dirt'.

Groove with Johnny you roaring cats and kittens...
Don't forget to come back for our big New Year's Eve all-day Music Series, a real crowd pleaser!


Every once in a while Johnny will drop in a song, while well worn, still maintains it's coolness. Sure it's been used in ads and so forth but it's still 'Melt with You' by Modern English and Johnny is more than happy to pop in on the old Music Series jukebox tonight. Song G-12 for those scoring at home.


Finally tonight, a song you'll be humming tomorrow, it's that addictive as an earworm or so Johnny thinks. Ms. Benatar is fun to sing along to anyway. Oh you'll never hit her range, Neil Geraldo saw to that by pushing the songs way up the range because he could with her operatic voice, but fun to try nonetheless.

Pat Benatar taking us out tonight with, 'We Live for Love'

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Late night open thread

Since Johnny and the dire wolf are going to be out and about over the next couple days and don't know if we'll get to offer a proper Merry Christmas, do accept this one, albeit early.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, December 21, 2018

Late night open thread

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Anything worth doing....

If Johnny is going to begin a Music Series somewhere new he's gonna give you something you need to shove the furniture back for. Get loose Oscoda, Here come Gorillaz with "Dare' along with one really drunk Manchester bloke, Shaun Ryder prattling on. You'll of course remember Shaun from the Happy Mondays and the line, 'You're twisting my melon man' from their mega-hit 'Step On'


Know what's good? No, besides egg nog...and an RV parked in your driveway, a nice tune to sing along to on a Friday night. Johnny will now dial up something from his giant Santa Sack-O-Songs and pulls up, well look there, Joe Jackson and 'It's Different for Girls'

Let's hear it AuSable. You were a little weak at elf practice last week.


Let's head off to the bar or out to a holiday party tonight (No drinking or driving ----ever) while everyone signs along with the Walrus of Love, Barry White, on 'My First, My Last, My Everything' because Northeast Michigan could use some hot music tonight. That wind is bold.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Late night open thread

Being able to lie in bed and look out the window and see the Orion constellation? Yes please.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

We're still futzing with the design

Apparently a lot of the same apps and design gadgets aren't the same ones available as they were 10 years ago. Johnny will put a top man on it.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Late night open thread

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Well Oscoda, Johnny's been enjoying life here quite nicely

Johnny arrived December 1st and has really been enjoying the outdoor life and one Lake Huron. Johnny's pup even got to hear a coyote yip in the woods about a week ago, pretty cool stuff. Speaking of the pup, she's getting more out of Oscoda's northeastern outdoor life than she did in the city setting of Jersey City and NYC. She absolutely adores it here and that's good enough for Johnny. Johnny also had a tattoo done at Onyx Tattoo in East Tawas and it looks incredible. Everyone he's shown it to agrees.

Tomorrow is about unpacking, as are many days ahead but Oscoda, it feels right here. Johnny made a good choice.