Saturday, November 30, 2019

Late night open thread

The final Saturday Night Scoreboard Show of the Year, where even the hot takes are cold, like the snow outside.

Ohio State 368
Michigan Whatever
Normally a rivalry takes two involved teams

Syracuse 39
Wake Forest 30 OT
Not often a team wins an overtime game by 9 point but the Orange managed -- with crime
Wisconsin 38
Minnesota 17
The weasel family played one big game today and those Badgers, they just weren't ready to let anybody to row any boats

Nevada 30 OT
The Silver State goes all Rebels on America

Auburn 48
Alabama 45
Johnny has cursed Alabama until their fan who killed Auburn's trees pays his goddamned fines and court costs

Michigan State 19
Maryland 16
With the win MSU fans will be forced to watch this team play a bowl game

Memphis 34
Cincinnati 24
Memphis wins their division and will host a conference title game next week vs, oh, would you look at that, Cincinnati

Rice 30
The hottest Rice that ever was Rice -- The Owls had no W's 3 weeks ago but close with 3 straight wins. No quitters there

Air Force 20
Wyoming 6
Bet you didn't know Air Force was 10-2

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Indiana 44
Purdue 41 2OT
With their win today, and this seems odd but Johnny checked, Indiana ties a school record with their 8th football win in one season. How about that. As jaded as so many fans can be in demanding success of their team, Johnny included, an 8 win season was the thing for IU. For this historic moment, Johnny says the entire Hoosier football team can loot and pillage West Lafayette Indiana for the next 24 hours (Trust Johnny, it won't take that long)

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, November 29, 2019


Check it out, "multimedia" "extravaganza" and "psychedelic" -- Johnny's Scrabble game is strong. Getting us started tonight, a song Johnny is guessing you haven't heard in a while, 'Heartbreak Beat' in all it's 80's glory.


When one is perusing their iTunes catalog for Music Series-worthy songs, and 'Jungle Boogie' just happens by, well friends, you have our second song tonight.


Johnny just has a hunch that if Little Richard were to appear on The Masked Singer, Johnny and most of America would guess this voice, no matter how produced. Plus he'd probably win with some of the washed up rabble on that show.

Taking us out tonight it's 'Lucille'

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Late night open thread

Don't forget tomorrow night's Music Series and Saturday's final Scoreboard Show of the season.

Tome for Oscoda, After Dark

Happy Thanksgiving to all Johnny's roaring cats and kittens!

In honor of this momentous day, yes, a holiday classic.

The dump is still closed in Stockbridge Massachusetts on Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show -- The hour grows late for some teams to make something of themselves

Florida International 30
Miami (FL) 24
Where's Nelson Muntz when you need him

California 24
Stanford 20
No Stanford band members were injured in the making of this Bears victory

USC 52
No game has better aesthetics than this one. When USC is in red and UCLA is in powder blue, every other game can try for second place

Michigan State 27
Rutgers 0
Isn't this why Rutgers is in the Big Ten to begin with, pile up wins for the bigger brands? Rutgers now is like Northwestern in the 1970's

Rice 20
North Texas 14
Last week Rice was cooking with their first win of the season, now that same Rice is on fire

Idaho 60
N. Arizona 53 OT
The Playstation Game of the Week

Minnesota 38
Northwestern 22
We come to it at last next week, Varmint Bowl with the Gophers and Badgers playing for the Big Ten West title

San Jose St. 35
UNLV got power up very late and took this one

UCF 34
Tulane 31
At least Johnny's new Tulane shirt got them to bowl eligibility

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Yale 50
Harvard 43 2OT
Yale, playing for a share of the Ivy League title fell behind 15-3 at halftime. That's when the protestors hit the center of the field at the Yale Bowl. Fans from both sides in a long-planned protest over climate change and excusing Puerto Rico's debt. To that end they got the attention they sought but Yale came roaring back after play resumed. They tied the game. It went to overtime. It went to a second overtime. It was getting dark as the Yale Bowl has no lights. Would they finish the game? They would indeed and thanks to his two TD passes in the final 88 seconds, Yale QB Kurt Rawlings may loot and pillage New Haven Connecticut for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Late night open thread

“I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.” -- Jon Stewart

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, November 22, 2019


If you Google "England 1990" this video pops up.

No, really...

'The Only One I Know' getting us started tonight
(Just kidding about the Googling thing but if you do, let us know what you find in comments)


Do you like rock and roll boys and girls? Good, so does Johnny.

'Back in the Saddle Again' for us cool kids. This song is so choice.


Let's face facts; a lot of 1980's videos sucked so much ass. Here's a perfect example. If you subtract what the video producers paid for the NASA footage on this video, 'Major Tom (Coming Home)' had to be less than five grand. That's some inspired shit late in the video making us think Major Tom might be drifting through the rings of Saturn with cheeseburger and milkshake service.

Let's just laugh at the video and enjoy the song, that yes got Mr. Schilling upbraided by David Bowie.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show -- Winners gonna win, losers gonna feel shame

Iowa 23
Minnesota 19
All season long, ever since August, reality has been looking high and low and today it finally found Minnesota

Michigan 44
Michigan State 10
MSU is 8-4 vs Michigan the last 12, sure doesn't seem like it

Oklahoma 34
Baylor 31
Oklahoma canceled their contract with the group driving their Sooner after the big accident. OU has moved on from Toonces Sooner Scooting

Oregon State 35
Arizona State 34
The Beavers withstand a 2 point conversion late to get power up and beat the Devil

Georgia 21
Auburn 14
Auburn scored 14 unanswered points in the 4th quarter, and still lost

Rice 31
Middle Tennessee 28
Rice is cooking with their first win of the season

Ohio State 56
Rutgers 21
Many fans were worried this may turn out like an Oberyn Martell vs The Mountain smushing but no, just your ordinary blowout

Yale 51
Princeton 14
Saltpeter chili all around

Chattanooga 34
The Citadel 33
Chattanooga outscored The Citadel 22-7 in the 4th quarter. On a lot of nights that might get you Game of the Week, speaking of which...

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Kent State 30
Buffalo 27
With half the 4th quarter gone, Buffalo led the Golden Flashes 27-6. Kent State came all the way back fans. When Matthew Trickett kicked a winning 45 yard field goal with 0:01 on the clock, well he was leading the entire team in looting and pillaging for the next 24 hours in Kent Ohio.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, November 15, 2019

Late night open thread

Doctor: 'You'll live to be 60!'
Patient: 'I AM 60!'
Doctor: 'See! What did I tell you?'

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Is there a song that screams 1980's hit list faster than 'West End Girls' by the Pet Shop Boys? Johnny hadn't and didn't pay them much attention until Mrs. Johnny really got him listening to them early on in their relationship. Johnny can't hear a Pet Shop Boys song without thinking of her and hanging out at the pool at Spicetree Apartments in Ypsilanti.

Here's to younger times!


Marvin Gaye lovers don't take this wrong, you know Johnny holds the man and that angelic voice in the highest regard. Temptations fans, those fabulous harmonies lift Johnny's soul.....BUT...This is his favorite version of 'Heard It Through The Grapevine' for a couple reasons. First, The Pips pop so hard on this. The sax, that classic Motown sound, it's all here and yes, Johnny favors it.


How about we wrap up tonight's Music Series with a smart rocker, a Kinks cover from Detroit's own The Romantics? 'She's Got Everything' has some fabulous guitar and so well remade. A nice bold effort on what was The Romantics' first album.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Late night open thread

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Happy Veterans Day!

Johnny would like to take this moment and wish all our vets and their families a Happy Veterans Day for their enduring sacrifices.

A picture of Johnny's dad, serving in Korea.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, dancing on the graves of the newly defeated

LSU 46
Alabama 41
That hurricane finally arrived in Alabama. Good thing Trump was there to see it

Wisconsin 24
Iowa 22
The Badgers win this year's "Line Up and Collide" trophy though the Hawkeyes did mount a furious comeback

Purdue 24
Northwestern 22
It was 24-22 day in the Big Ten, some teams got the memo, others didn't

Colorado 16
Stanford 13
Johnny still to this day still asks himself why Colorado is playing PAC-12 teams during BIG-12 season

Minnesota 31
Pedd State 26
They're gonna party like it's, well, we'd like to say, '1999' in Minneapolis tonight but the last time the Gophers were 9-0 was 1904. That just doesn't have the same ring to it

Southern Miss 37
That's only 2 more points than you had when you think about it

New Hampshire 87
Holy Cross 83
Oops, we're being told this is a basketball score

Presbyterian 24
Gardner-Webb 14
With their first win of the season, Presbyterians all across America are treating church tomorrow like a snow day in celebration

Dartmouth 27
Princeton 10
Yet another undefeated team bites the dust today while Dartmouth remains perfect and leading the Ivy league

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Texas 27
Kansas State 24
By the time Longhorns kicker Cameron Dicker's 26 yard field goal sailed through the uprights sealing the upset, the legend of Dicker the Kicker was born. For his efforts Cameron Dicker may loot and pillage Austin Texas for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, November 8, 2019

Late night open thread

Make sure to come on back tomorrow night for the best Scoreboard Show in America!

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


No better song to get things kicked off proper than this hard-driving rocker, 'Excuse Me Mr.' Johnny thinks Gwen Stefani looks so great in this video, so confident, so filled with attitude, she is one of the few singers who can really transition into the music video world seamlessly. Probably a big reason their videos worked so well.


Once again we see New York and New Jersey sludge causing real problems. In this case, it killed a monkey who apparently went to Heaven. Probably a good idea, if the monkey went to Hell why call the song 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' so well done there Pixies.


Of course you love to sing the "Money Money Money" part, everyone does. Here's the question though, are you willing to really bring it this time? Once more like never before on "For the Love of Money" Johnny is counting on hearing you all over the Oscoda City Desk listening area.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Late night open thread

Movie trivia night: In National Treasure, the good guys in the movie use Google and the bad guys use Yahoo!

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Oscoda election results from 11/5/19

Boy howdy Johnny was looking and looking for these last night and couldn't find Oscoda's results online. Finally got them this morning from WEYI-TV's election page. Growing up Johnny remembers when WEYI was a CBS property, "Where the CBS eye sweeps the Tri-City sky" it used to go.

Anyways, there were two ballot proposals facing Oscoda voters, 1) The school sinking fund which won by a large margin, 62% to 38% or in raw numbers 944 YES 589 NO. The road repair proposal was defeated 53% to 47% or 590 NO and 530 YES.

Johnny is sure willing to learn if someone can hip him to the fastest outlets for Oscoda election results going forward.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, the colder it gets the more biting the commentary

Utah 33
Washington 28
Utes was a perfectly good nickname until the movie My Cousin Vinny

Notre Dame 21
Virginia Tech 20
Irish fans got poured on last week in Ann Arbor and even in victory this week in South Bend the rain gods found them

Boston College 58
Syracuse 27
BC scored 34 points in the second quarter when the Syracuse team went to a movie

Bowling Green 35
Akron 6
Akron simply can't keep being the Zips if they score 6 points. Next time they get a new mascot name

Indiana 34
Northwestern 3
Indiana is 7-2, tell yourself that without needing a belt of whiskey

Air Force 17
Army 13
Pick a service, pick a challenge, set yourself a apart...
Pennsylvania 38
Brown 36
Brown scored 14 points in the fourth quarter...and still came up short

Western Illinois 38
South Dakota 34
Western Illinois with their first win of the season today, hats off to the Leathernecks

Today's game brought to you by the good people who sell eye charts

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Cincinnati 46
East Carolina 43
Cincinnati was down 12 late in the fourth quarter but would not be denied. Kicker Sam Crosa kicked a 32 yard field goal with 3 seconds to play to help the Bearcats get power up and win the game. For his efforts, Sam Crosa may loot and pillage Greenville North Carolina for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, November 1, 2019

Late night open thread

Well Oscoda fans, our Owls came up short vs McBain tonight, 14-12. Oscoda started strong but too many penalties on 4th down and other mistakes cost them. As disappointing as this loss is now, the seniors on the team should look back at the last couple years and, two 8-1 regular seasons, two trips to the playoffs, one home playoff game and banners that can be hung for two consecutive North Star League titles. You've also left the program now with expectations. Hats off.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Did you know then, a lot of people didn't want The Jackson 5 to do this song, 'Never Can Say Goodbye' because they didn't feel Michael's young voice could purvey the serious and heartbreaking nature of the song. The important people at Motown disagreed and that's a good thing.

Amazing track.


Hey everyone, it's Baby Bono in their very first U2 video, for the song 'I Will Follow' that also answers the question why Bono wasn't allowed to be a Mick Jagger dancing-style front man. It's almost as bad as Steve Martin as Navin Johnson learning to dance in The Jerk.


There are few songs Johnny can sing along to and not embarrass himself, 'You Love the Thunder' from Jackson Browne's mega-hit live album, "Running on Empty" is one of them. It should be no surprise it's one of his favorites to sin along to as well. If you're ever at a karaoke bar and for no good reason you see a guy doing a fairly decent version of this song, it might just be Johnny.

It's football playoff time in Oscoda!

And 'dem Owls are opening the MHSAA state playoffs at home tonight for the first time ever with the game starting at 7pm. Here now is a tale of the tape and a few thoughts and links to check out.

First off, the weather. Mother Nature dropped an inch or two of snow on the trick-or-treaters last night which will slowly melt today making the field mushy in parts. This can be an advantage to the underdog, in this case McBain, as weather is a great equalizer. Oscoda relies on a quicker tempo, with a smart passing attack all which can be limited if the offensive line is getting pushed in the mud or receivers can't make good cuts on routes. The weather could play a factor.

The first game jitters. They're a thing. How many good teams are upset in the first playoff game? Oscoda went through this last year and really seemed to play harder for some home playoff football. Many teams play better their second playoff game. You must survive the first to get a second.

When one compares the quarterly scoring of both Oscoda and McBain, Oscoda does far more scoring in the first half. Something to watch for. If the Owls are having trouble early on it could mean trouble later. Oscoda did outscore McBain this season by a wide margin, (340-201) Johnny really thinks Oscoda will need that defense tonight to stand tall and maybe have a bigger hand in the win than the offense. Remember the Tawas game? The defense won that game by the time the offense got going late.

Info from around the Web:

MHSAA has the teams playoff points listed thusly:
Oscoda:  295 8-1 70.556
McBain:  308 5-4 43.667

Would you just look at this prediction disrespect from the Detroit Free Press?
McBain (5-4) at Oscoda (8-1). McPain 21, Air Force Base 18.
Pshaw, cancel that paper. LOL

Here's MLive's take, no better for Oscoda fans:
D7: McBAIN (5-4) at OSCODA (8-1)
Oscoda is enjoying a renaissance for its athletic program, with quarterback Brayden Mallak and wingback Owen Franklin standing at the heart of the success. The Owls would love nothing better than to add a postseason chapter to the history they are making. But it won’t come easy against perennial playoff program McBain. They have one common opponent in Houghton Lake, with Oscoda winning 14-12 and McBain losing 8-6. Expect a battle. McBain 22, Oscoda 20

The Detroit News didn't cover or really discuss any games not related to SE Michigan, big shock. Fuck them.

Here is Oscoda's bracket, win tonight and they will host Traverse City St. Francis or a rematch from week one with Houghton Lake. IF and that's a big IF, the Owls were to win that game too they could host a regional final provided Iron Mountain were to lose in their first two games.

The game can be heard locally on 100.7 FM beginning at 6:45pm

So, nobody outside Oscoda is giving the Owls a chance. That's fine. Oscoda vs The World and those Owls are going to go out tonight and make us proud.

Fearless Forecast:
Oscoda 20
McBain 16