Thursday, October 31, 2019

Late night open thread

Johnny had 29 spooks, ghouls and Groots at his place tonight and hey, MUCH respect to the kids (and parents) to went out in the snow, some of it heavy and the sleet before that. Some places rescheduled Halloween, not Oscoda.

A full slate on the Oscoda home football game tomorrow for their game tomorrow night. We're all about 'dem Owls.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

You can't have a proper Halloween with the 'Monster Mash'

You can't...

Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kicker 5 with this Halloween gem.

A favorite tradition on Halloween, The Flametrick Subs & Satan's Cheerleaders

With their standard and oh so perfect for Halloween song, 'Creepy Dead Folk'

Johnny is well prepared for the kids of Oscoda

This is Johnny's first Halloween in Oscoda and in fact, this will be, by far the most kids he's ever had show up to claim their tasty bounty. He and Mrs. Johnny had say 6-7 kids in their Jersey City condo who'd come around the building but nothing like Johnny will get tonight.

If only the weather were better. That does suck.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, it's like an early hangover for losing teams...

Michigan 45
Notre Dame 14
At least the Irish players, fans and vehicles got a free bath out of the trip

Kansas State 48
Oklahoma 41
Sorry Ruprecht, Oklahoma just didn't have it today

Ohio State 38
Wisconsin 7
Two weeks ago both teams looked unbeatable. Two weeks hence and they're not jumping up jumping up and getting down as well as they were in Madison

LSU 23
Auburn 20
Johnny picked the Tigers in his pre-game radio show and darned if he wasn't right

Oklahoma State 34
Iowa State 27
OK, who let Iowa State have a sniff of success? You know what happens when they get that whiff

Rutgers 44
Liberty 34
Fire up the band, Rutgers won a football game!

Wofford 35
Chattanooga 34 OT
Extra points in overtime, they matter

Minnesota 52
Maryland 10
Undefeated Minnesota is 8-0 and now look like the prohibitive favorites to represent the Big Ten West in the title game

Alabama A&M 43
Alabama State 41 3OT
Again, extra points matter in overtime

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Lehigh 27
Georgetown 24
Lehigh mounted a fantastic last minute drive to get into field goal range after Georgetown tied the game on a 72 yard pass play late. Austin Henning got power up and kicked a 27 yard field goal as Lehigh celebrates their fourth straight win. For his efforts, Austin Henning may loot and pillage Bethlehem Pennsylvania for the next 24 hours.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, October 25, 2019

Late night open thread

Oscoda's football team finished up 8-1 after a 40-0 win tonight over Gladstone. The Owls will find out their first-round playoff opponent Sunday night. It should be a home game. No way MHSAA can screw that up (well there is but let's hope not).

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Ok, Johnny guesses Ohio did give us some things...

DEVO kicking off tonight and getting you moving with 'Freedom of Choice'


If you'll allow Johnny to play a song very close to his heart and indulge himself for a bit tonight he'd sure appreciate it. Tomorrow would have been his 34th anniversary with Mrs. Johnny and this was our song. We were always under the impression we had the best song.

'Slave to Love' up next on tonight's Music Series


"If you want this world of yours to turn about you
You can see exactly what to do, don't tell me"

That's right, you tell Johnny so he can help hog credit.

The Moody Blues finishing up with 'I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show, zero website clicks from the greater Madison Wisconsin area tonight

Oregon 35
Washington 31
Does Oregon even have school colors at this point? Anyone see the moon man costumes out there today? Pick something, you've had years and over 846 combinations to try on

Illinois 24
Wisconsin 23
Eastern Michigan > Illinois > Wisconsin ergo EMU will probably play Ohio State in the Big Ten title game. Speaking of which...

Eastern Michigan 34
Western Michigan 27
EMU's Preston Hutchinson, have yourself a game: 31-36 for 357 yards and 3 TD's as the Broncos tuck tail and head back to the boring end of I-94

Wyoming 23
New Mexico 10
We always run at least one Wyoming score a season, why not a win, Go Cowboys

Georgia Southern 30
Coastal Carolina 27 3OT
Even when Coastal Carolina loses, they still have an awesome nickname, The Chanticleers. That counts for something

Lehigh 30
Fordham 27 OT
After Fordham kicked a FG to start OT the Mountain Hawks got power up and scored a winning TD for Bethlehem PA and country

Oregon State 21
Cal 17
Beavers beat brutal bumbling Bears in Berkeley

Wake Forest 22
Florida State 20
The 6-1 Demon Deacons kicked a late field goal to get power up and win and the party in Winston-Salem shows no sign of slowing

The Almost The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Texas 50
Kansas 48
Cameron Dicker's field goal at the death saved Texas, 23 point favorites, from certain ridicule on this very website

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Virginia Tech 43
North Carolina 41 6OT
SIX overtimes? Crazy. The scoreline looks like a baseball game:
        1      2      3      4     OT  2OT 3OT 4OT  5OT  6OT  F
NC 10 7 7 7 3 7 0      0       0       0   41
VT   7    14 0     10 3 7 0      0      0       2   43
For their efforts we're going to allow the entire Hokies team to loot and pillage Blacksburg for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Late night open thread

Well, tonight wasn't Oscoda's night and the football team took their first loss of the season, 35-0 to Breckenridge. The Owls are still in the playoffs and still 7-1 with big games ahead of them.

Don't miss tomorrow night's big Saturday Night Scoreboard Show

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Fresh Funk, Pure Jams. If you can get any more funky in two and a half minutes you let us know. The Grunt (Part 1) gets us started the right way tonight.


Have you ever known Bob Marley and the Wailers not to be the right choice? There you go. 'Get Up, Stand Up' making your ears so happy tonight.


This is exceptional. You have Gorillaz at the top of their game for the AOL Sessions they were recording for. Then, if you want to make things much, much, better add Clash members Mick Jones on lead guitar (who announces his presence with authority at about 2:30) and Paul Simonon on bass and you get to exceptional. A great song made so much better.

Sonic heaven. 'Glitter Freeze' getting you off to your party or simply dancing around your living room.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Late night open thread

Oscoda football has improved to 7-0 on the season with a sharp 28-7 victory over Whittemore-Prescott tonight in the rain. The sky is the limit with this team!

On a sadder note there will be no Saturday Night Scoreboard Show tomorrow as Johnny will be down in Detroit taking in Little Caesars Arena for the first time as the Red Wings take on the Maple Loafs on Hockey Night in Canada. Of course tomorrow will have all the upsets and and overtime games but that's life.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Because sometimes you need that Danny Elfman fix. Not many better bands to get a party started than this one. 'Weird Science' stepping us off tonight.


Johnny doesn't know what it is about a blustery rainy night that makes Johnny think the Old 97's are the perfect choice but they sure are. Here's one that always sounds great, 'Doreen' batting second tonight.

Johnny knows a limerick with the name Doreen in it...


A song and act introduced to Johnny by the late Mrs. Johnny, and one he right likes. We'll wrap tonight with 'Under the Blacklight' to send you off into this whopper of a storm.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Late night open thread

The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show -- It's not so much analysis as salient mean girls shit

Michigan 10
Iowa 3
You know how in hockey a team can get outplayed overall but the goalie plays so well he steals a game? Send out the arrest warrants for the Michigan D because they robbed Iowa

Wisconsin 48
Kent State 0
Johnny likes Wisconsin's chances in the MAC this season. They'll probably make the title game where they'll play...

Notre Dame 52
Bowling Green 0
It's October, what are you big teams doing playing MAC schools at this point?

SMU 43
Tulsa 37 3OT
SMU won even after gifting Tulsa this sweet as hell touchdown. Johnny thought they'd found tape of his high school days returning kicks. Johnny also is a fortune teller ya know. He looked into his crystal ball and sees laps, lots and lots of laps for the SMU kick return team at practice Monday

Ohio State 34
Michigan State 10
Think about it, MSU has a pretty stout first-class defense. If Ohio State can run over, on, and around it for 3 quarters like the dead overran Winterfell, what chance does your team have?

Every so often you have to put up a score that looks like an eye test

Tulane 42
Army 33
It's eerie really, Johnny buys a small college shirt and that college goes on a winning rampage (see Wofford, Furman, Florida Gulf Coast, Lehigh, all have enjoyed the magic at some point)

Oregon 17
California 7
There, see, we talked about the PAC-12

Georgia State 52
Arkansas State 38
You punt one time in PlayStation and you're screwed

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Lehigh 21
Colgate 14
Tied late in the game against the defending Patriot League champions, Zaythan Hill trucked the ball 9 yards in the waning moments to get power up and deliver a Lehigh victory at Colgate and a 1-0 start in the Patriot League. For his efforts, Zaythan Hill make loot and pillage Hamilton New York for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, October 4, 2019

Late night open thread

Tawas City has now been renamed South Oscoda City and East Tawas is now East South Oscoda. Tawas Bay is Owl Bay for the next year anyway as Oscoda marched down to the town formerly known as Tawas City and whupped 'em good, 28-7. That Owl defense was real good. 6-0 for the Oscoda Eleven and cruising. Here's to more winning!

The answer to the question which year 'I Got You' came out was C, 1980. By the way, the answer is always C.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Know who's good? Paul Simon. That's right. Know what else is good? The song ''Kodachrome'

See this, you kids have no good idea what the fuckity fuck this even is. It's called a flash cube or a flash bulb. It caused blindness for five or so minutes if you looked at it but in the 60's and 70's pictures were impossible without them. More than likely the mind-wiping special effect in Men In Black was probably just one of these going off.

Kodachrome? Flash cubes.


Quick quiz: What year did this song, 'I Got You' come out?
A) 1745
B) 1978
C) 1980
D) 1982
The answer can be found at the end of the Late Night Open Thread


We've been through this too many times to count, yes, THE Sweet. On your way you go music fan, off into this cold northeastern Michigan night. You may see actual foxes on the run if you're lucky but in the meantime, 'Fox on the Run' will have to suffice.