Saturday, August 31, 2019

Late night open thread

It's back! The Saturday Night Scoreboard Show! If your team won it's like Cool Whip on pie. If they lost, maybe you should leave now...

Georgia State 38
Tennessee 30
The Vols haven't gone bowling the last two seasons. Look at that score, they'll be available for your Christmas parties this year too

Maryland 79
Howard 0
Every year, every goddamned year Maryland starts like a house afire in September and then just implode. Everything seems to be on schedule

Eastern Michigan 30
Coastal Carolina 23
If you don't think EMU winning a road game in week one isn't big you have a short memory. Mike Glass III was 20-of-22 passing for 188 yards and three touchdowns while four EMU defenders had picks

North Carolina 24
South Carolina 20
Johnny would say South Carolina could get even in basketball but, well, yeah

Western Michigan 48
Monmouth 13
Drinks will flow and blood will spill in Waldo's tonight

Boise State 36
Florida State 31
Would you look at that, Florida State went up 31-13 late in the first half and realized it was Labor Day weekend and they were through working

Iowa State 29
Northern Iowa 26 3OT
What do they eat at tailgate parties in Iowa before the corn is ready?

Incarnate Word 7
Apparently that word wasn't defense

Tulane 42
FIU 14
Johnny got a cool Tulane shirt with a pelican surfing on it so no doubt Tulane is in for a big year. Hey, Johnny got a Furman shirt a few years back and look at them now

The Oscoda City Desk Game of the Week®
Tennessee Tech 59
Samford 58 2OT
Not only is this our Game of the Week but the Playstation Game of the Week as well. Tennessee Tech got power up and came from way back to send it to OT where Andrew Goldsmith scored the TD, and David Gist added the two-point conversion to win. For his winning score, David Gist can loot and pillage Cookeville Tennessee for the next 24 hours

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, August 30, 2019

Late night open thread

Make sure to come by for tomorrow night's Saturday Night Scoreboard Show -- Unless your team loses then you won't want to be within 10 miles of it.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Johnny has been to more than his share of 80's bands reuniting on tour and in some of those cases, well, the singer has just lost the ability to do what he or she did back in the 80's. Alison Moyet will never have that problem. Here she is from 2015 performing the old Yaz standard, 'Don't Go'

Friday night MULTIMEDIA with THE FACES!

The Faces, Rod Stewart and a some guys who went on to be in The Who and The Rolling Stones. We can make that work. 'Stay with Me' making sure you still have a pulse on this rocker.

Friday night MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA with 999!

Wait, Johnny, those are numbers, not a name of a band. Au contraire dear reader, it IS the name of a band and they had a most excellent song or two and tonight, 'Homicide' will take us out. Johnny fell in love with this song around the same time The Clash and Sex Pistols are making names for themselves.

Late night open thread

How 'bout them Owls? They avenge last year's only regular season loss with a 14-12 victory over Houghton Lake. The Owls had a nice balanced attack and the defense rose up late when they needed to and the offense just ran out the clock.

Gotta fix those 4th down stats on both sides of the ball though.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Oscoda football kicks off their season tonight at home!

That's right Owl football fans, the Oscoda 11 kicks off their season tonight at home at 7pm vs. Houghton Lake. You'll recall last year Oscoda's only regular season loss was to Houghton Lake so revenge may weight heavily on the Owls' minds tonight. The JV game will be played at 4pm.

Interesting note for Johnny writing on Oscoda football -- Johnny's last game for Ortonville-Brandon was against Oscoda. The Brandon millage had failed earlier that year and sports were cut until a pay- -to-play system came to be and saved the season. By then however, some teams had dropped Brandon from their schedules thinking the Blackhawks wouldn't have a team and the points system to get into the playoffs pretty well required your team playing 9 games. Brandon looked around and filled other games (Including one in Ohio) and found Oscoda had an open date at the end of the year and so the game was played in Ortonville and that night was Brandon's only win of the season, 18-6 over the Owls.

Fearless Forecast
Oscoda 30
Houghton Lake 14

Monday, August 26, 2019

Late night open thread

Johnny is geeked that the famous (No, really) Saturday Night Scoreboard Show makes it's Oscoda City Desk debut this weekend. Big numbers on the Scoreboard Show posts.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Up and at 'em Owls, Back to School day!

Johnny is wishing you all a great and knowledge-filled school year. Don't be like those Tawas kids, sheesh, it takes them an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes.

Any of the young ladies cultivating the Pat Benatar look this year?

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Late night open thread

You kids in Oscoda enjoy your last (albeit brilliant) last day off this summer on Sunday before school starts Monday. Johnny's thinking of you.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Johnny has always loved this song. He remembers the Ting Tings playing at Liberty State Park in Jersey City years ago. A great show. Neko Case and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were on that bill as well as Johnny recalls (And he recalls a lot).

Johnny is pretty sure hitting a big drum like this is a four credit hour class at Purdue University. 'That's Not My Name' getting us started right tonight.


Pattie avoided the Eric Clapton drug addiction 'Noid. 'Layla' up next on this internet music outpost.


You can't go wrong with a little Genesis on the way out into this cool Sunday morning. You probably won't be singing this in church later this morning. 'Turn It On Again' rounding out another Music Series.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Johnny's got the company this weekend -- It's a Saturday night Music Series this week

Luckily right now you're outside in this fall-preview weather around Iosco County this weekend. Drop back by tonight, campers.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019


Ronnie Spector's voice never gets old. Never. 'Be My Baby' kicking things off tonight.

It's probably a good thing Kool Aid Man wasn't around to run through Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" on this classic. He might have started killing people sooner.

Phil Spector, not Kool Aid Man


Oh are we in for a treat now. Before there was Motown there were simply the girl groups of Detroit. The Supremes and Vandellas weren't the first, oh no. There were others around the Motor City.

From 1962, Detroit's own Satin Angels and this simply magnificent song, a Johnny must hear, 'Pity Me'


Sometimes Johnny is just in the mood for this song. This is one of those times. So brilliant and ahead of its time. Debbie and Chris did that a lot. At least 1/3 of the US economy runs on the ideas expressed in this song. You kids pay attention.

Once again, Clem Burke on drums is so great.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Late night open thread

Show's over. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. Also, NO yacking in Oscoda, hold it until you get to Tawas if you have had too much to drink and need to bark at the ants. That's what Tawas is there for.

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Friday, August 9, 2019

Late night open thread

The board is set, the pieces are moving. Here comes Oscoda Rock Fest!

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


Yes rock fans, tomorrow is the big Oscoda Rock Fest with nine great bands all ready to rock Furtaw Field. So, this being the night before, how about one of the best live versions of a song Johnny has ever heard. The Clash from their visit to the Tom Snyder Show at NBC in 1981 and 'The Magnificent Seven' which, like a commenter on YouTube says, "They're playing like their lives depend on it."

So, everyone coming to Oscoda to play, here's hoping a little of this can rub off on you for tomorrow.


Can anyone understand what Annie Lennox is getting at here? You kids have to make sure in life you state what you want clearly or nobody will ever take you seriously.

All these years loving this song and Johnny doesn'------Ohhhhhhh, oh now he does. You go Annie.

She doesn't mean you at this point in the band's evolution there, Dave. Sorry.


Oh this song still sounds so very good. Johnny remembers having this on a mix tape he'd play to class up Ned's Bookstore in Ypsilanti all those years ago. Who wouldn't be happy to hear this during book rush?

'Kiss Them For Me' for all the smart kids who filled out their pre-order cards.

Would you like some more rock with your coffee?

Well great then because that's what's gonna happen. 'High' from Damned By Dawn should get us through until lunch. In listening to all the bands we've posted so far it's pretty clear this is going to be a quality show. 77º and sunny. Welcome to Oscoda in summer.

Another one of the bands performing at the Oscoda Rock Fest tomorrow!

It's Silverspork and 'Murmur' and of course these clips today from our guests for Bunyan Rock don't count against tonight's Music Series.

Late night open thread

"Summertime is always the best of what might be."
 -- Charles Bowden

Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Here After Six, performing Saturday at Oscoda Rock Fest, take a bow!

Another one of the excellent bands lined up for some Bunyan Rock on Saturday. Let's give a listen to 'Letter to Heaven'

The rest of the week we'll be featuring bands playing the Oscoda Rock Fest Saturday

And right on time, here is a song, 'The Edge' from Polychromic. Saturday is going to have some great rock and roll bands, you can hear this and tell. How nice will this sound outside in the sunny and 77º temps?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Late night open thread

Did we mention Bunyan Rock will be serving alcohol? It just gets better and better. A little rain the next couple days will make for soft green grass on Furtaw Field, not picky dry grass. It's the little things.

Here's a song from one of Saturday's bands, We, the Infamous and 'Midnight Flight'
Time for Oscoda, After Dark

Oscoda has banned Yacht Rock for BUNYAN ROCK!

Yacht Rockers need not apply!

Oscoda is hosting the FIRST Oscoda Rock Fest, featuring NINE bands (Grounded, Siren, Everyday Ghost, Silverspork, Damned by Dawn, Polychromic, Assault the Silence, Here After Six and We, The Infamous) all playing their own songs, how refreshing, not a cover band in sight. Also, these aren't just throw in bands, oh no, these bands know how to rock -- “A lot of these bands, they are seasoned bands. They have opened for major touring bands like Godsmack and Alice Cooper, shared the stage with Saliva just tons of top notch national touring bands, so these are not secondary bands,” said Rock Fest Committee Head Bob Tasior. “These guys are seasoned professionals and the show is just going to be phenomenal because it’s going to grow from the first band all the way to the last.”

Furtaw Field is the place, this Saturday from 1-10:30pm. Need extra motivation? You could easily walk to Lake Huron and cool off AND Saturday in Oscoda will be 78º and partly sunny. Get in on the ground floor people, this event will only get bigger each and every year Johnny thinks. Good bands in a great setting in an awesome town. Tickets are only $10. That's a lot of rock and roll for $10.

Be there, aloha!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Late night open thread

Time for Oscoda, After Dark


By the powers vested in the Oscoda City Desk Music Series, and in the eyes of the Music Gods, you have now been Psychadelacized.

'Time Has Come Today' with the man-sized, full-on 11:00 version. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


No matter what Johnny says here you're going to see it's 'Show and Tell' and you're simply going to just push play. Johnny's dad helped kill Jimmy Hoffa. His mom was D.B. Cooper.

Ok then, as promised, Mr. Al Wilson with 'Show and Tell'


Johnny once heard Max Weinberg of E Street Band fame once say this song, 'Runaround Sue' was one of the hardest songs to drum to. He was interviewed on a History of Rock and Roll segment and this was one near the top of his toughies list. Keep that in mind as you listen.