Friday, February 8, 2019


Johnny's going for last-song earworm tonight but it's OK, it's the good kind of earworm. Cheap Trick is one of those great fly-under-the-radar-type bands that Johnny has loved since way back. Johnny also remembers Rick Nielsen being hit in the head with a beer bottle on stage at the Pontiac Silverdome as Cheap Trick opened for KISS and left the stage bleeding. It was when Cheap Trick was riding high on the Budokan album and the fact is was also KISS made that a show to remember.

He's Rick Nielsen, of course he came back after getting stitches to finish the show! As he was offstage a clearly enraged Ace Frehley came out and said he hoped Gene Simmons cut the balls off the asshole who threw it with his axe guitar. Johnny and his friend saw somebody getting beaten on the main floor.


Cheap Trick with 'Surrender'

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