Thursday, March 7, 2019

Oh Doctor! Have we got a playoff game worthy of the name tonight!

One team will walk out a big winner and one team is just gonna walk out.

Oscoda, 25-0 vs Sanford Meridian Early College 22-1 at 7pm in Houghton Lake. First thing about Sanford Meridian, they're really good. Oscoda good. 22-1 and they simply do NOT play many close games. They beat up on their opponents pretty well. 30, 40 even 50 point wins were normal for the Mustangs out of the Jack Pine Conference.

Have we got you Oscoda fans good and scared yet? Understand this, the Owls wouldn't be here if THEY weren't good enough. They're ready, they're playing well, they're 25-0 and it's time to leave it all out on the floor for a chance to hang a banner at the Owl's Nest.

*Oscoda has played six neutral floor games this year while Sanford Meridian has played only 2.

*On a sheer stats line Sanford Meridian scored more points and gave up fewer points than Oscoda this season.

*Oscoda excels earlier in games, Sanford Meridian tends to have a strong second half.

*Sanford Meridian has a 'State Ranking' of #64 while the Owls clock in at #68.

*The winner will have both hands full with either Traverse City St. Francis or Iron Mountain in the next round.

Let's go Owls, let's do this thing!!

Fearless Forecast:
Oscoda 54
Sanford Meridian 53.9

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