Monday, March 11, 2019

There's a rumble in McBain tonight!

The Oscoda ladies basketball team, undefeated at 22-0 taking on Lake City 19-2. In looking over their scores, the Trojans seem quite up to the task of playing some very good defense. The Owls of course are playing exceptional basketball at home, on the road, and on neutral courts. That shows a maturity that is invaluable in one and done situations.

One thing that will certainly bring both Oscoda and Lake City fans together as one is the other regional semi-final at 6pm with 21-0 Houghton Lake vs 12-10 Hart. We'll let you do the math on which team you'd want Oscoda to play should they get power up and win the game tonight.

The kidding around is pretty much over, these are the regionals.

Fearless Forecast:
Oscoda Owls 52
Lake City Trojans 49 OT

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