Friday, April 5, 2019

Late night open thread

Of course everyone is familiar with Olivia Newton-John as a singer, actress and cancer fighter. Johnny read an article where she spoke openly about her 27 year long fight and she mentioned along with all the positive thinking and fighting, she did smoke weed, copious amounts of weed to fight her pain and help her sleep. She also made a very salient point some of the early adopter states like Washington and Colorado and finding:

Finally, Newton-John notes, she is a cannabis advocate when it comes to health and wellness. “I use a lot of cannabis in my healing. It helped me incredibly with pain and sleep,” she says. “Opiates are killing people and cannabis doesn’t.”

Oh why not, the goddamned Andromeda Galaxy is going to plow through the Milky Way like Georgia Tech roared through Cumberland 222-0 in 1916 in about 3.75 billion years. Nobody will care if Johnny played this one or not. He also thinks it's great Vinnie Barbarino found work after Welcome Back, Kotter. No, that's Vinnie Barbarino in this video. Don't even.
Time for Oscoda, After Dark

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